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1937 LaSalle Series 50


Year: 1937
Body style: Town Saloon
Engine: 5.277 cc
Price: POA


By the mid-1920s, General Motors president Alfred P. Sloan had done a fine job of aggregating a hierarchy of brands for "every purse and purpose." However, he realized that there was a large price gap (over $1000) between Buick and Cadillac. What was a Buick owner to do when he wanted a new and more elegant automobile? Chances were he went to Packard, which had become America's favorite luxury brand. Sloan was intent to keep the customer within the GM fold, so the LaSalle was born.

The LaSalle wasn't just a car to fill in a price gap; it was a new brand with a sporty, stylish character. To help him with his objective, Sloan hired a young designer from a custom body shop that was owned by Cadillac's California distributor. His name was Harley Earl, and what started as a one-time project to design the inaugural LaSalle ended up being a 32-year career that changed the rules in Detroit.

This 1937 LaSalle Series 50 carries 4-door streamlined body made by Fisher. As the powertrain, they used 5.3 litre flat-head V8 engine, developed for Series 60 Cadillac. Gearbox is 3-speed synchronized and braking secures strong hydraulic brakes. This specific LaSalle is in a great, original condition with all period accessories such as a functional thermometer or radio. It is well maintained regardless of the cost.

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